Oribe Obsession

I have been on the hunt for some haircare products to give my hair some oomph with minimal effort. Since having a baby 9 months ago, my hair is still going through some post pregnancy craziness, especially in the volume department. I have allowed myself to give my much loved GHD's a break and embrace my hairs natural texture, usually twisting my hair into a bun when it is almost dry to give it a soft wave. I have tried the Batiste Volume dry shampoo but I feel that it mattifies too much and just makes my hair feel dirty. So the search continued for a volume building product to give me tousled sexy tresses.

I had read many positive reviews on different blogs about Oribe's Dry Texturising Spray, so on a recent visit to Space NK I decided to pick up a can and see what all the fuss was about. It's pretty pricey at £19 for a travel size can (75ml) and £39 for the large can (300ml). So what's the verdict...

I love this stuff! It adds texture and volume to your hair without any stickiness and the spray is invisible so there is no powdery white residue which is something that drives me crazy with Batiste. Oribe Dry Texturising Spray adds a slightly matte texture to your hair but still makes your hair look shiny and touchable. I get the best results by lifting my hair a couple of inches below the roots and spraying through the hair as you let your hair fall. This gives the perfect amount of volume and it smells AMAZING! The only negative is the hefty price tag, but I will absolutely be re-purchasing this once my can runs out and it is rare for me to feel that way about a hair product.

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