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My hunt for the perfect black eyeliner has been a long and expensive one! I have longed to find the perfect true black liquid liner that is both easy to use and that lasts all day, similarly, I want a khol liner that is worn on my eyelid and not on my upper lid within seconds despite eye primers and powder. Well I am pleased with my favourites so far, with both high street and high end finds of both liquid and pencil...

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Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer- this is a sponge tipped eyeliner pen which is easy to use and is long-lasting. I have bought this a couple of times and love how easy to use it is, especially to create a feline flick. This lasts even when my eyes are streaming on a windy day with no smudging!
Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen - is a dual-ended liquid eyeliner that has a calligraphy brush on one end and a thicker felt-tip brush on the other end. This is a true black eyeliner that applies and stays a rich black throughout the day. The different tips allow you to choose the type of line you want. The calligraphy tip is amazing for creating thin precise lines with ease. The thicker felt-tip is great for creating thicker lines and feline flicks. The formula is wet making the application super easy and it sets within seconds. The liquid liner lasts all day without smudging or flaking and looks tidy all day. This is an expensive item, however, if you regularly wear liquid liner then this is a luxurious good quality product.
Barry M Bold Waterproof Black Eyeliner - this is a supersoft very black khol pencil which is waterproof making it long lasting. The softness of the pencil makes it easy to use, just make sure you sharpen it regularly for a precise line. This is the best high street khol pencil I have found so far.
Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Khol in Bedroom Black - is a "liquid pencil" making it glide on smoothly and effortlessly. This is one of the only black eyeliners I have ever owned that does not transfer onto my upper eyelid despite using an eye primer and powder. The colour is very black and can be smudged to create a rock n roll smoky eye. You need to work quickly as this sets within seconds and lasts all day. I will definitely be looking to get this in some other colours too.

What is your favourite eyeliner?

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